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Skillet - "Rise" Pop

The band maintains momentum with Rise, a gripping coming-of-age narrative that stands as their first concept album - though lead singer/bassist John Cooper says it wasn't premeditated. The album tells the story of a typical American teen coming into adulthood and trying to figure out who he is in a world riddled with problems both within and outside his control.


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Released - Tuesday, June 25 , 2013

1. Rise (Album Version)
2. Sick Of It (Album Version)
3. Good To Be Alive (Album Version)
4. Not Gonna Die (Album Version)
5. Circus For A Psycho (Album Version)
6. American Noise (Album Version)
7. Madness In Me (Album Version)
8. Salvation (Album Version)
9. Fire And Fury (Album Version)
10. My Religion (Album Version)
11. Hard To Find (Album Version)
12. What I Believe (Album Version)