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Selena Gomez - "Stars Dance" Pop

Multi-platinum Hollywood Records recording artist Selena Gomez's fourth album, Stars Dance, releasing the day after Selena's 21st birthday, reveals how she continues to grow as an artist. From the platinum selling single and Top 40 radio hit of 'Come & Get It' to the new fan favorite 'Slow Down,' this album is set to be her most celebrated record yet. Working with such high profile writers and producers like Ester Dean, Stargate and more, Selena Gomez's fans are in for a musical treat with the quality, caliber and pop sensibility of this record.


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Released - Tuesday, July 23 , 2013

1. Birthday
2. Slow Down
3. Stars Dance
4. Like a Champion
5. Come & Get It
6. Forget Forever
7. Save the Day
8. B.E.A.T.
9. Write Your Name
10. Undercover
11. Love Will Remember