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Scissor Sisters - Night Work Electronic/Dance

Scissor Sisters - Night Work

It's been a while since the Scissor Sister's sophomore release Ta-Dah! in 2006, and apparently they've had to record the follow up, Night Work, more than once since then. However, single "Fire Fire" bodes well for the success of the album.


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Released - Tuesday, June 29 , 2010
  1. "Night Work" (Hoffman/Shears/Price)
  2. "Whole New Way" (Hoffman/Shears/Price)
  3. "Fire With Fire" (Hoffman/Shears/Price)
  4. "Any Which Way" (Hoffman/Shears/Lynch/Price)
  5. "Harder You Get" (Hoffman/Shears/Price)
  6. "Running Out" (Hoffman/Shears/Santi White)
  7. "Something Like This"
  8. "Skin This Cat" (Hoffman/Lynch)
  9. "Skin Tight" (Hoffman/Shears/Price)
  10. "Sex and Violence"
  11. "Night Life" (Hoffman/Shears/Lynch/Price)
  12. "Invisible Light"