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Saving Abel - "Bringing Down The Giant" Pop

Saving Abel combined meat and potatoes rock with bombastic hooks to land a hit Album with their debut in 2008. Their 2nd album Miss America also had a big impact and futher broadened their audience.

The raw and down home feel of the melodic hard rock all over the new album Bringing Down The Giant recalls the most vital and energizing aspects of the humble beginnings of the band. Bringing Down The Giant is the type of album that fully delivers on the promise of everything that has come before with Saving Abel.

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Released - Tuesday, July 17 , 2012

1. Bringing Down the Giant
2. Michael Jackson's Jacket
3. Amazing
4. Pine Mountain (The Dance of the Poor Proud Man)
5. You Make Me Sick
6. Pictures of Elvis
7. New Loser
8. Me and You
9. I'd Do It Again
10. Bittersweet
11. Those Who Wait
12. Parachute
13. Constantly