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Sam Phillips - "Push Any Button" Pop

Sam Phillips - "Push Any Button"

Push Any Button is Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Sam Phillips' tenth studio album. Featuring musicians Jay Bellerose (drums), Jennifer Condos (bass), Benmont Tench (piano), Eric Gorfain (guitar/violin), The Section Quartet (strings) and Dave Palmer (piano), this collection of songs is Sam's impressionistic take on pop music from the 20th century, but with an odd twist.

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Released - Tuesday, August 13 , 2013

1. Pretty Time Bomb
2. All Over Me
3. When I'm Alone
4. See You in Dreams
5. Going
6. Things I Shouldn't Have Told You
7. Speaking of Pictures
8. You Know I Won't
9. No Time Like Now
10. Can't See Straight