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Sallie Ford & Sound Outside - "Untamed Beast" Other Genres

2013 album from the Portland, OR-based outfit. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside vigorously mines a sweet spot between modern and vintage. Sallie's voice has elicited comparisons to classic Jazz and Blues icons, yet it is stoked with the fire of youth and rebellion, too, an instrument capable of conveying raw emotion and nuanced artistry in the same breath.

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Released - Tuesday, February 19 , 2013

1. They Told Me(3:20)
2. Addicted(3:46)
3. Party Kids(2:36)
4. Bad Boys(2:56)
5. Shivers(4:37)
6. Devil(2:18)
7. Paris(3:17)
8. Do Me Right(3:00)
9. Lip Boy(2:42)
10. Rockability(2:13)
11. Roll Around(3:16)