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Rufus Wainwright - "Out of the Game" Rock

Rufus Wainwright returns to the pop foray with his eagerly anticipated new album, Out of the Game, to be released May 1st on Decca. Produced by the celebrated Mark Ronson, this is the seventh studio album from one of the most accomplished, contemporary singer-songwriters today.

A labor of love for both Wainwright and Ronson, Rufus calls Out of the Game, the most pop album I've ever made, while Ronson recently stated, it's the best work of my career. Recorded in New York in the fall of 2011, the twelve songs are hook-laden, memorably arranged tracks reminiscent of Rufus early work, following 2010's more quietly intimate outing, Songs For Lulu.


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Released - Tuesday, May 1 , 2012

1. Out Of The Game
2. Jericho
3. Rashida
4. Barbara
5. Welcome To The Ball
6. Montauk
7. Bitter Tears
8. Respectable Dive
9. Perfect Man
10. Sometimes You Need
11. Song Of You
12. Candles