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Rebecca Ferguson - "Heaven (US Bonus Track Version) Pop

International edition features different artwork. 2011 debut from the X Factor finalist with the smoky Neo-Soul voice. Rebecca Ferguson began working on her major-label debut in early 2011, mere weeks after becoming the show's 2010 runner-up. Heaven sketches out a soulful sound similar to Duffy and Corrine Bailey Ray. Ferguson puts her own stamp on the music by co-writing every track, including the lead single 'Nothing's Real But Love.' Most X Factor finalists load their debut albums with cover songs and schmaltzy ballads; Ferguson, an established songwriter as well as a singer, proves there are other avenues worth exploring.


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Released - Tuesday, May 29 , 2012

1. Nothing's Real But Love
2. Glitter & Gold
3. Shoulder to Shoulder
4. Fairytale (Let Me Live My Life This Way)
5. Mr. Bright Eyes
6. Fighting Suspicions
7. Teach Me How to Be Loved
8. Run Free
9. Diamond to Stone
10. Too Good to Lose
11. Backtrack