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Ray Davies - See My Friends Rock

Ray Davies has gathered a crowd of celebrity chums (see his friends?) to help him reinterpret well loved classics from his old band the Kinks. See My Friends features contributions from (among others) Bruce Springsteen, Gary Lightbody (of Snow Patrol, Tired Pony and the Reindeer Section), Mumford & Sons, half of Bon Jovi, and (most touchingly) the recently deceased Alex Chilton on "Til the End of the Day." Chilton's old band Big Star's cover of "Til the End of the Day" remains definitive, so it's cool to see him join forces with Davies on a version that harnesses the strengths of the Kinks' original and Big Star's untouchable rendition of it.

When, we have to wonder, will this reinterpretation-of-my-former-glories trend lose its appeal for fading stars of the past? Not any time soon, apparently. Reservations about the trend aside, you have to marvel at any record that has both Lucinda Williams and Metallica contributing to the project.


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Released - Tuesday, April 5 , 2011


  • 1. Better Things - (featuring Bruce Springsteen)

  • 2. Celluloid Heroes - (featuring Jon Bon Jovi/Richie Sambora)
  • 3. Days/This Time Tomorrow - (featuring Mumford & Sons)

  • 4. Long Way from Home - (featuring Lucinda Williams/The 88)
  • 5. You Really Got Me - (featuring Metallica)

  • 6. Lola - (featuring Paloma Faith)

  • 7. Waterloo Sunset - (featuring Jackson Browne)

  • 8. Till the End of the Day - (featuring Alex Chilton/The 88)

  • 9. Dead End Street - (featuring Amy MacDonald)

  • 10. See My Friends - (featuring Spoon)

  • 11. This Is Where I Belong - (featuring Black Francis)

  • 12. David Watts - (featuring The 88)
  • 13. Tired of Waiting for You - (featuring Gary Lightbody)

  • 14. All Day and All of the Night/Destroyer - (featuring Billy Corgan)