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Rascal Flatts - "Rewind" Country

Produced by Rascal Flatts, Howard Benson, and Dann Huff, and featuring the first single, “Rewind,” this is the country group's latest album.  It offers up a total of 13 songs, one of which is called "I Have Never Been to Memphis," but we're pretty sure that the band has, at some point in their lives/careers been there.


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Released - Tuesday, May 13 , 2014

1. Payback
2. Rewind
3. I Have Never Been To Memphis
4. DJ Tonight
5. Powerful Stuff
6. Riot
7. Night Of Our Lives
8. I Like The Sound Of That
9. Aftermath
10. I’m On Fire
11. Life’s A Song
12. Honeysuckle Lazy
13. The Mechanic