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Radiohead - The King of Limbs (CD) Rock

 Radiohead is a band from Oxfordshire in England. They are an experimentally inclined rock quintet with indie roots and avant leanings. They are rather popular, and also critically acclaimed. You've heard of them, you've heard them, you like them.

The King of Limbs is the band's eighth studio album. You probably bought the download when it came out in February. Ifd you're an audiophile you spent an extra $5 to get the uncompressed WAV edition. Or, perhaps you decided to wait and splash out on the gorgeous "Newspaper Album" package that comes out on May 9 (actually that didn't involve so much waiting really, did it? Preordering the deluxe double vinyl meant you got the download on February 19th just like the rest of us).

If though, you don't like downloads and you have no truck with paying around $50 for two clear vinyl records and a boatload of extra artwork, then what you desperately want is  cassette, I mean a CD. today is your lucky day. The King of Limbs is finally available on a shiny wee disc. Awsome.


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Released - Tuesday, March 29 , 2011