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Preservation Hall Jazz Band - "That's It!" Jazz

Preservation Hall Jazz Band and its music continue to evolve as they embrace tradition and history while inspiring a new generation. Preservation Hall Jazz Band and My Morning Jacket first met a few years ago and also performed together on tour and in New Orleans. As their support for each other has grown, Jim James (My Morning Jacket) decided to take on the role as co-producer with Ben Jaffe on what is the first release of original music from Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

With songs co-written with Dan Wilson, Chris Stapleton and the legendary Paul Williams, these new recordings have a fresh approach but still capture the classic feel of what has kept Preservation Hall Jazz Band relevant over the past 50 years.


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Released - Tuesday, July 9 , 2013

1. That's It!
2. Dear Lord (Give Me The Strength)
3. Come With Me
4. Sugar Plum
5. Rattlin' Bones
6. I Think I Love You
7. August Nights
8. Halfway Right, Halfway Wrong
9. Yellow Moon
10. The Darker It Gets
11. Emmalena's Lullaby
12. Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing(live, March 1, 2013)(Exclusive Bonus Track)
13. Oh Liza (live, March 1, 2013)(Exclusive Bonus Track)