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Poor But Sexy - Let's Move In Together R & B and Soul

Lead singer David Brown's exuberant Usher-esque vocals and insane nonstop dancing (a visually compelling hybrid of James Brown and Jarvis Cocker), as well as the band's elastic, neo-soul grooves, have been earning DC's Poor But Sexy some great word of mouth. PBS's debut album, Let's Move In Together, drops today and is a mercilessly brilliant funky soul dance party. It's shameless fun, with a post-punk twist.

(Some members of the band used to be better known for playing in the Dismemberment plan — lead guitarist Jason Caddell — or Beauty Pill — backing singer Jean Cook — but they, like we, need to adjust to the new reality.)



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Released - Tuesday, February 15 , 2011

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Let's Move in Together

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