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Paul Simon - So Beautiful or So What (Deluxe)

 It's been five years since Paul Simon's last studio album, Surprise, was released. His twelfth, So Beautiful or So What, is, he claims, his best work in over twenty years. Excitement has been building around the album release ever since Simon previewed "Getting Ready for Christmas Day" on "The Colbert Report."  THe song titles suggest a pre-occupation with spiritual and religious themes, "The Afterlife", "Questions for Angels", and so forth. This deluxe edition of So Beautiful or So What includes a DVD with a "making of" documentary and the video for "Getting Ready for Christmas Day."


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Released - Tuesday, April 12 , 2011


Disc: 1
1. Getting Ready for Christmas Day
2. The Afterlife
3. Dazzling Blue
4. Rewrite
5. Love and Hard Times
6. Love Is Eternal Sacred Light
7. Amulet
8. Questions for the Angels
9. Love & Blessings
10. So Beautiful Or So What
Disc: 2
1. "Making of So Beautiful or So What" video
2. "Getting Ready for Christmas Day" video
3. "So Beautiful or So What" live audio track