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Papa Roach - To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach Rock

Papa Roach have scored big in various crossover metal and alt-rock circles for years now, and a best of compilation seems long overdue. All the hits are here, and one previously unreleased track, "Just Go (Never Look Back)" has been included to tempt completists.

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Released - Tuesday, June 29 , 2010
1. Broken Home
2. Last Resort
3. Time And Time Again
4. She Loves Me Not
5. Scars
6. Getting Away With Murder
7. Just Go (Never Look Back) (previously unreleased)
8. ...To Be Loved
9. Reckless
10. Had Enough (acoustic)
11. Forever (live session)
12. Hollywood Whore
13. Lifeline
14. Scars (acoustic)