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Hole - Nobody's Daughter Pop

Nobody's Daughter was destined to be another Courtney Love solo record,  instead it's a real rock album made by her new band and she's decided to fly it out under the Hole banner. She has no Eric and no Melissa, but she does have a Micko Larkin on lead guitar and he's become her cowriter. All the early signs say this Love's best work in years, and may even stand up to some of Hole's more successful releases. Current single "Skinny Little Bitch" is getting a ton of airplay and is a decent indicator of the rest of the record.



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Released - Tuesday, April 27 , 2010
1 Nobody's Daughter
2 Skinny Little Bitch
3 Honey
4 Pacific Coast Highway
5 Samantha
6 Someone Else's Bed
7 For Once In Your Life
8 Letter To God
9 Loser Dust
10 How Dirty Girls Get Clean