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Nickelback - "Here & Now" Rock

Multi-platinum rock band Nickelback's Here and Now is a testament to their rare versatility to achieve multiple successes at various radio formats for more than a decade, with two singles hitting multiple formats simultaneously. We're four people who love making music, the way we like to make it, says Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. We entered the studio this year with a vision, and it all came together. We're extremely happy with the results, and can t wait to share them with our fans.


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  • B-
    Nickelback seems to hold a special place in critics’ hearts. Seldom has a band drawn such slings and arrows. It’s as if every time one of their fans buys a Nickelback album— and they’ve bought more than 50 million of them— a critic’s puppy gets kicked and evil edges one step closer to winning. Is new album, "Here and Now" any different?

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Released - Monday, November 21 , 2011

1. This Means War
2. Bottoms Up
3. When We Stand Together
4. Midnight Queen
5. Gotta Get Me Some
6. Lullaby
7. Kiss It Goodbye
8. Trying Not To Love You
9. Holding On To Heaven
10. Everything I Wanna Do
11. Don't Ever Let It End