New York Comic-Con 2012

Stars of 'The Walking Dead' at a New York Comic-Con panel

Although the San Diego Comic-Con is certainly, unquestionably, and beyond a shadow of a doubt still the bigger Comic-Con, the New York Comic-Con continues to grow and thrive.  This year's New York Comic-Con will feature a boatload of celebrities and panels, some distinctly outside the comic/sci-fi/fantasy vein (like Gordon from "Sesame Street").  Of course, notable sci-fi figures will be present as well.  Expect to see Carrie Fisher, Tom Felton, Terry O'Quinn, Guillermo Del Toro, Elmo, and so many more.

The entire Thursday New York Comic-Con schedule is now available.


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Venue Information

  • Jacob Javits Convention Center
  • New York NY 10001

More Details

Released - Thursday, October 11 , 2012 at 8:00 AM Local Time
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