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Natalie Maines - "Mother" Country

MOTHER is the solo debut from Natalie Maines, the always provocative, multi-platinum, Grammy-Award winning singer of the Dixie Chicks. On MOTHER, people will hear a new direction from the singer. Heavily influenced by the more rock-based, edgy and intense sound of title track, and Pink Floyd cover, "Mother," Maines teamed up with friend and Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and guitar wizard Ben Harper, who co-produced the record with Maines. The album was recorded in Harper's studio.


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Released - Tuesday, May 7 , 2013

1. Without You
2. Mother
3. Free Life
4. Silver Bell
5. Lover You Should've Come Over
6. Vein in Vain
7. Trained
8. Come Cryin To Me
9. I'd Run Away
10. Take It On Faith