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Mountain Goats - All Eternals Deck Rock

Mountain Goats - All Eternals Deck

 All Eternals Deck is, depending on who's counting and wether they include cassette only releases, somewhere between  the fifteenth and eighteenth album from Mountain Goats. In any case, it's the first album for their new home, Merge Records (founded by recently reformed indie stalwarts, Superchunk) since a decade with the fabled 4AD.

For years Mountain Goats were essentially one man, John Darnielle, but over the past few years he's moved away from his lo-fi, one man band origins and The Mountain Goats is somewhat less easy to define to define than a stable band, and somewhat more structured than just whomever Darnielle happens to be playing with that. 

All Eternals Deck continues the exploration of spiritual themes that Mountain Goats have been on for some albums.



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Released - Tuesday, March 29 , 2011