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Morrissey - "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" Rock

Morrissey's first album since 2009, produced by Joe Chiccarelli, featuring the first single, "World Peace Is None of Your Business."  Morrissey has, of course, had some health issues as of late, but his live tour cancellations will in now way impact the release of this album which offers 12 songs, including the final one, "Oboe Concerto."


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Released - Tuesday, July 15 , 2014

1. World Peace is None of Your Business
2. Neal Cassidy Drops Dead
3. I'm Not a Man
4. Istanbul
5. Earth is the Loneliest Planet
6. Staircase At the University
7. The Bullfighter Dies
8. Kiss Me a Lot
9. Smiler With Knife
10. Kick the Bride Down the Aisle
11. Mountjoy
12. Oboe Concerto