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Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana Forever Pop

 On her latest record, Hannah Montana Forever, Miley Cyrus performs for the last time as Hannah Montana, the fictional pop star who made her a real one. Despite the sexed-up image of her recent Can't Be Tamed album, Cyrus is back to being all sugary sweet Disney innocence for the soundtrack to the fourth and final season of the hit TV show. Lead single "Ordinary Girl" sets the tone. Sheryl crow and Miley's real-life dad, billy Ray Cyrus, both guest.


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Released - Tuesday, October 19 , 2010


  • 1. Gonna Get This
  • 2. Que Sera 
  • 3. Ordinary Girl 
  • 4. Kiss It Goodbye
  • 5. I'll Always Remember You 
  • 6. Need a Little Love - (featuring Sheryl Crow)
  • 7. Are You Ready 
  • 8. Love That Lets Go - (featuring Billy Ray Cyrus)
  • 9. I'm Still Good 
  • 10. Been Here All Along 
  • 11. Barefoot Cinderella