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Mick Harvey - Sketches From The Book of The Dead Rock

 Mick Harvey is best known for being one of Nick Cave's must long-term collaborators having served as a member of Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds. In his right, though, Harvey is a composer for the movies, and a well-respected solo artist. Sketches From The Book of The Dead is his fifth solo studio album. That two of his previous solo efforts have been rather sublime English language interpretations of Serge Gainsbourg songs tells you most of what you need to know about the charmingly sinister, louche vibe that Mr. Harvey exudes on wax.

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Released - Tuesday, May 3 , 2011


  • 1. October Boy
  • 2. Ballad of Jay Givens, The
  • 3. Two Paintings (By Gustav Pillig)
  • 4. Rhymeless
  • 5. Frankie T. (Frankie C.)
  • 6. A Place Called Passion
  • 7. To Each His Own
  • 8. Bells Never Rang, The
  • 9. That's All Paul
  • 10. How Would I Leave You
  • 11. Famous Last Words