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Michael Mcdermott - "Hit Me Back"

The anthemic "Scars From Another Life" (from Hit Me Back) paints the picture of how far singer-songwriter Michael McDermott has come. His life full of myriad highest highs, gutter-skimming lows, and the absolute rock bottoms of the past two decades could read like a screenplay. Hit Me Back exudes McDermott's trademark embrace of faith and hope in the face of adversity. Working with producer CJ Eiriksson (producer of albums for U2 and Matchbox 20), Hit Me Back was recorded in a whirlwind eight days.

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Released - Tuesday, September 25 , 2012

1. Hit Me Back
2. Let It Go (Incantation)
3. The Prettiest Girl In The World
4. Dreams About Trains
5. I Know A Place...
6. Ever After
7. Scars From Another Life
8. She's Gonna Kill Me
9. Is There A Kiss Left On Your Lips
10. A Deal With The Devil
11. The Silent Will Soon Be Singing
12. Where The River Meets The Sea
13. Italy