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Mastodon - "Once More 'Round the Sun" Rock

The latest from Mastodon is produced by Nick Raskulinecz and features the first single, “High Road." We are told that the album is about a year in the life of the band, a notion that makes some sense when one looks at the title of 11 track effort.  Of course, we might have opted for 12 tracks because that would match the number of months in the year, but to each their own.


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Released - Tuesday, June 24 , 2014

1. Tread Lightly
2. The Motherload
3. High Road
4. Once More 'Round the Sun
5. Chimes at Midnight
6. Asleep in the Deep
7. Feast Your Eyes
8. Aunt Lisa
9. Ember City
10. Halloween
11. Diamond in the Witch House