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Margot & The Nuclear So & So's - "Slingshot to Heaven" Pop

Call us kooky, but if you took a sling shot to heaven, wouldn't that be super fast and potentially uncomfortable?  Maybe, however, that's exactly the point. Thirteen songs are included here on the latest album from "Margot & the Nuclear So and So's" and we can't help but wonder if there being 13 tracks has something to do with the use of the word heaven in the title.  Listen and decide for yourself.

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Released - Tuesday, April 22 , 2014

1. Hello, San Francisco
2. When You're Gone
3. Long Legged Blonde Memphis
4. Bleary-eye-d Blue
5. Lazy
6. Flying Saucer Blues
7. Los Angeles
8. Gettin' Fat
9. Go to Sleep You Little Creep
10. I Don't
11. Swallowin' Light Beams
12. I Can't Sleep My Eyes Are Flat
13. Wedding Song