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Margot & Nuclear So & So's - "Rot Gut Domestic" Pop

Fresh off a five-week tour with the Twilight Singers, Margot & The Nuclear So and So's returned home with a new batch of songs that would become the bands fourth full length album, titled Rot Gut, Domestic. The band raced into the studio and recorded the new album in 10 furious days while enlisting the help of Jon Congleton (David Byrne, St Vincent, Polyphonic Spree) to produce the long-awaited record.

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Released - Tuesday, March 20 , 2012

1. Disease Tobacco Free
2. Books About Trains
3. Shannon
4. Prozac Rock
5. A Journalist Falls in Love With Deathrow Inmate #16
6. Frank Left
7. Fisher of Men
8. Arvydas Sabonis
9. Coonskin Cap
10. Ludlow Junk Hustle
11. The Devil
12. Christ