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Macy Gray - "Covered" Pop

Grammy-Award winning R&B & Soul singer-songwriter, Macy Gray, returns with an extraordinary album of covers from the biggest artists in rock. Her brilliant interpretations of songs from Metallica, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and many others shine a light on her unique artistry and passion. Having sold millions of albums in her remarkable career, Macy will be touring across the country in support of Covered and its massive first single; her haunting take on Eurythmics' 'Here Comes The Rain Again'.


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Released - Monday, March 26 , 2012

1. Here Comes The Rain Again
2. Creep
3. You Want Them Nervous
4. Smoke 2 Joints
5. La La La (Teaching The Kids)
6. Teenagers
7. The Power Of Love
8. Nothing Else Matters
9. Sail
10. I Try Is Cool and All, but
11. Maps
12. Love Lockdown/Buck
13. Mel Rap
14. Bubbly
15. Wake Up
16. Really