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Lumerians - "The High Frontier" Pop

Between the vast expanses and disparate extremes of space lies 'The High Frontier:' a term coined by Gerard K O'Neil in his illustrated 1976 book depicting human colonization of space. In their new thusly titled LP, Lumerians send terrified primates into space in search of wonders both marvelous and harrowing. In a starship powered by gamma-ray-mutated rock, beer-goggled cartographers chart the absurd scales of outer space from subatomic to trans-galactic and the unfathomable void of inner space unbound by physical laws. Inward perception, both fluid and delicate, births, destroys, multiplies and collides temporal realities. Hacking through gnarled carnivorous plants with pyrokinetic machetes, Lumerians thrust forward with Krautrock inspired exploration, Afrobeat s ritualistic rhythms, post-punk guitar noise and cracked-glacé synth lines culled from perverse 1970 s sci-fi soundtracks. As a follow-up to 2011 s 'Transmalinnia,' 'The High Frontier' sets scope outward, points blind-folded at a star map and sets off full blast without making course corrections.

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Released - Friday, August 9 , 2013

1. Dogon Genesis
2. High Frontier
3. The Bloom
4. Koman Tong
5. Smokies Tangle
6. Life Without Skin