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Cover art for Luke Bryan's 'Spring Break 6'

Luke Bryan - "Spring Break 6:...Like We Ain't Ever"

Mar 11, 2014

This installment in Luke Bryan's on going "Spring Break" series, like the previous five, will include lighthearted, fun songs that aren’t meant to do anything but make sure you’re having a good time. Six tracks in total are included on the album and have titles like: "Good Lookin’ Girl" and "The Sand I Brought To The Beach."

Past Events

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    Luke Bryan - "Crash My Party"

    Aug 13, 2013

    "Crash My Party" is the follow-up to Luke's most successful album to date "Tailgates & Tanlines," which has now been certified Double Platinum. "Tailgates & Tanlines" contains three back-to-back Platinum singles, was the 8th best-selling album of 2012 and has sold 7.2 million tracks. "Crash My Party" also releases on the heels of Luke's most successful spring break series album, "Spring Break...Here To Party," which debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top 200 chart and is certified Gold.

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    Luke Bryan - "Spring Break... Here to Party"

    Mar 05, 2013

    Luke Bryan will release his first full length Spring Break album on March 5, 2013. The new album will contain two brand new songs in addition to remastered versions of some of the best tracks from the EP's.  In total, the album offers up 14 tunes including two demo tracks.

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    Luke Bryan - "Tailgates & Tanlines"

    Aug 09, 2011

    "Tailgates & Tanlines" from Luke Bryan has become a double platinum album, offering up 13 country music tracks.  Three of the songs on the album were each individually certified platinum back-to-back-to-back.  It is Bryan's third full album.

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    Luke Bryan - "Doin My Thing"

    Oct 06, 2009

    Bryan may make it sound simple with the title of this album, but the truth just might be a little more complicated.  Luke Bryan's second album delivers 11 tracks of country music including Bryan's first song to reach number one on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, "Rain is a Good Thing."  The song stayed in that top spot for two weeks.

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    Luke Bryan - "I'll Stay Me"

    Aug 14, 2007

    Originally released in August of 2007, "I'll Stay Me" is Luke Bryan's debut album.  Since its release, Bryan has gone on to record a number of other albums, including one that went double platinum.  This first release contains 11 country music tracks including the titular "I'll Stay Me."

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