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Lea Michele - "Louder" Pop

"Louder" is the debut solo album from Leah Michele, who is best known for the character Rachel Berry on "Glee," for which she has earned two Golden Globe nominations and an Emmy nomination. Of the 43 million singles sold from "Glee," over 10 million of those are Lea Michele songs. Lea is featured as lead singer in over half of the of the Top 20 selling "Glee" songs. Now a veteran of Broadway and Television, this album takes Lea fully into the world of popular music. Most of the songs on "Louder" are written by songwriter Sia Furler, recently celebrated on the cover of Billboard in November, 2013.


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Released - Monday, March 3 , 2014

1. Cannonball
2. On My Way
3. Burn with You
4. Battlefield
5. You're Mine
6. Thousand Needles
7. Louder
8. Cue the Rain
9. Don't Let Go
10. Empty Handed
11. If You Say So