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Laura Cantrell - "No Way There From Here"

Produced by Cantrell and Mark Nevers, with guests Jim Lauderdale, Kenny Vaughan, Michael Cerveris, Caitlin Rose, William Tyler, Paul Niehaus, and Paul Burch, this is Laura Cantrell's new album.  Cantrell is a country music artist who lives in NYC but was born in Nashville.  Comprised of 12 tracks, the new album, as you can see above, features a whole lot of guest performers.

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Released - Tuesday, January 28 , 2014

1. All the Girls Are Complicated (3:02)
2. Starry Skies (3:28)
3. Letter She Sent (3:03)
4. No Way There from Here (4:36)
5. Glass Armour (3:05)
6. Beg or Borrow Days (2:49)
7. Driving Down Your Street (2:20)
8. When It Comes to You (2:37)
9. Can't Wait (3:13)
10. Barely Said a Thing (2:40)
11. Washday Blues (3:33)
12. Someday Sparrow (3:44)

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