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Killswitch Engage - "Disarm The Descent" Rock

Disarm The Descent marks the return of original singer Jesse Leach to Killswitch Engage. Leach was the voice behind the genre defining release Alive Or Just Breathing. This 2013 album has been hailed as one of the most anticipated releases of the year by magazines, blogs and most importantly the fans who are eagerly welcoming Jesse back into the band after 10 years away.


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Released - Tuesday, April 2 , 2013

1. The Hell In Me
2. Beyond The Flames
3. New Awakening
4. In Due Time
5. A Tribute To The Fallen
6. The Turning Point
7. All That We Have
8. You Don t Bleed For Me
9. The Call
10. No End In Sight
11. Always
12. Time Will Not Remain