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Kate Bush - Director's Cut Pop

 British singer-songwriter Kate Bush has substantially altered, remixed, overdubbed and even re-recorded songs from her albums The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993). This tinkering with the past is the reason for her new album's title, Director's Cut. The album is her first release of new(ish) material since Aerial came out in 2005. Bush has fairly consistently managed to balance huge pop chart appeal with a distinctly individual, and artistically experimental, approach to her music. 

The first single from the Director's Cut  is "Deeper Understanding", originally from The Sensual World LP. The title track from that album is now named "Flower of the Mountain" reflecting the fact that previously denied permision to use an excerpt from James Joyce's game-changing g novel, Ulysses, at the start of the song has finally been granted — substantially changing the song.  "This Woman's Work", which had been a hit single for Bush in 1988, has been completely re-recorded, as have two other songs.

Director's Cut is released on Bush's own Fish People Records, in conjunction with EMI.



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More Details

Released - Monday, May 23 , 2011

  1."Flower of the Mountain"  5:15

2."Song of Solomon"  4:44

3."Lily"  4:04

4."Deeper Understanding"  6:32

5."The Red Shoes"  4:57

6."This Woman's Work"  6:29

7."Moments of Pleasure"  6:31

8."Never Be Mine"  5:04

9."Top of the City"  4:23

10."And So is Love"  4:20

11."Rubberband Girl"  4:35