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Justin Hayward - "Spirits of the Western Sky" Pop

Spirits of the Western Sky, Justin's first solo album since 1996's The View From The Hill, features his trademark vocals & guitar work on tracks such as One Day, Someday, On The Road To Love & the lead off track In Your Blue Eyes. Not to be missed are the three country & bluegrass-influenced tracks What You Resist Persists, Broken Dream & It s Cold Outside Of Your Heart.

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Released - Tuesday, February 26 , 2013

1. In Your Blue Eyes
2. One Day, Someday
3. The Western Sky
4. The Eastern Sun
5. On The Road To Love
6. Lazy Afternoon
7. In The Beginning
8. It's Cold Outside Of Your Heart
9. What You Resist Persists
10. Broken Dream
11. Captivated By You
12. One Day, Someday (Alternate, Extended Version)
13. Rising
14. Out There Somewhere
15. Out There Somewhere (Raul Rincon Remix)