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Josh Ritter - "Beast in Its Tracks" Pop

Josh Ritter The Beast In Its Tracks is Ritter's first studio album in almost three years. The Beast In Its Tracks may well be remembered as Ritter's divorce record, as it was written and recorded in the wake of his 18-month marriage suddenly dissolving.


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Released - Tuesday, March 5 , 2013

1. Third Arm(0:56)
2. Evil Eye(2:27)
3. A Certain Light(2:48)
4. Hopeful(4:25)
5. Nightmares(3:39)
6. New Lover(4:28)
7. Heart's Ease(3:21)
8. In Your Arms Again(3:15)
9. The Appleblossom Rag(4:27)
10. Bonfire(2:51)
11. In Your Arms Awhile(2:03)
12. Joy To You Baby(4:40)
13. Lights(4:08)