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Johnny Marr - "The Messenger" Rock

Johnny Marr, one of the most celebrated guitarists in the history of contemporary music, presents his debut solo album, The Messenger. The album features Marr front & center on vocals & guitar, & represents our first chance to capture Johnny Marr's musical vision exactly as he envisioned on the first true solo album of his career. The Messenger was written & produced by Marr himself. Best known for his work alongside Morrissey as the creative force behind The Smiths, Marr has continued his career as an official member or touring guitarist for a diverse array of acclaimed bands since.


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Released - Tuesday, February 26 , 2013

1. The Right Thing Right
2. I Want The Heartbeat
3. European Me
4. Upstarts
5. Lockdown
6. The Messenger
7. Generate! Generate!
8. Say Demesne
9. Sun & Moon
10. The Crack Up
11. New Town Velocity
12. Word Starts Attack