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Jason Mraz - "Yes!" Rock

The latest from Jason Mraz, this new album features the first single "Love Someone."  In total, Mraz's new CD is comprised of 14 different tracks  Interestingly, we think, the 10th track is called "3 Things."  We would have slid that over to track three, and probably called it "Three Things."  The question will be why, precisely, it is the 10th track, how that works into the overall scheme of the album, and, maybe, why he didn't choose to write out "three."


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Released - Tuesday, July 15 , 2014

1. Rise
2. Love Someone
3. Hello, You Beautiful Thing
4. Long Drive
5. Everywhere
6. Best Friend
7. Quiet
8. Out of My Hands
9. It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
10. 3 Things
11. You Can Rely on Me
12. Back to the Earth
13. A World WithYou
14. Shine