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Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean Pop

 Samuel Beam has been recording as Iron & Wine since 2002. Kiss Each Other Clean is his fourth studio album, and follows a its acclaimed predecessor, The Shepherd's Dog, from 2007. In between times there's been a live album and a collection of out takes and unreleased tracks, so it's not like fans have been starved for material.

Kiss Each Other Cleas the first Iron & Wine record for Beam's new label, Warner Bros., since leaving his previous home, Sub Pop. Beam promises a "'70s FM radio" style sound. Whatever that is, it's going to be different from his familiar alt-folk sound.


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Released - Tuesday, January 25 , 2011


1. Walking Far From Home
2. Me And Lazarus
3. Tree By The River
4. Monkeys Uptown
5. Half Moon
6. Rabbit Will Run
7. Godless Brother In Love
8. Big Burned Hand
9. Glad Man Singing
10. Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me