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In the Music is the latest from Ayreshire's finest — the understated, underrated and consistently great Trashcan Sinatras — who have been making catchy, literate, oddball pop music since their sophomore 7" "Obscurity Knocks" back in 1991. Singer Frank Reader makes a rare duet with his sister Eddie, once best known as the focal point of Fairground Attraction. More headline-worthy, "Should I Pray?" features vocals from none other than the shockingly famous Carly Simon. True story.

Lucky us in North America, we get a slew of extra songs recorded live at a show in the tiny back room of the desperately hip Bar Brel in Glasgow, the coolest Belgian beer and mussels joint in Scotland.



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Released - Tuesday, April 27 , 2010

CD: US 2009 (Lo-Five Records LO5006) (April 27, 2010)*+
4:23 People
3:09 Easy on the Eye
4:29 In the Music
4:16 I Hung My Harp Upon the Willows
3:07 Prisons
3:43 Should I Pray? (featuring Carly Simon)
3:52 Morning Star
7:01 Oranges and Apples
4:39 The Engine
4:38 I Wish You’d Met Her
3:41 Astronomy#
3:46 Wild Mountainside (live acoustic)+
3:44 Send for Henny (live acoustic)+
4:05 All the Dark Horses (live acoustic)+
2:56 Easy Read (live acoustic)+
5:50 The Safecracker (live acoustic)+
4:20 Hayfever (live acoustic)+
3:35 Weightlifting (live acoustic)+
5:00 Earlies (live acoustic)+

* Note: lyrics enclosed
+ Note: bonus track for usa/canada release only. tracks were recorded on november 23 and 25, 2009 at Brel in Glasgow.