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Heart - "Fanatic" Rock

Heart's 14th studio album, Fanatic, ranks as one of the Wilson Sisters most rock & roll albums to date. With Grammy-winning producer Ben Mink at the helm (who also produced their last album, Red Velvet Car), these ten essential performances by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson are a celebration of their life spirit: Ann and Nancy are fanatics about love, art and truth. Includes the title track "Fanatic," "Dear Old America," and "Million Miles."


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Released - Tuesday, October 2 , 2012
  1. Fanatic
  2. Dear Old America
  3. Walkin' Good
  4. Skin and Bones
  5. Million Miles
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Mashallah
  8. Rock Deep (Vancouver)
  9. 59 Crunch
  10. Corduroy Road