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Glee Cast - Glee The Music, Volume 3: Showstoppers Soundtracks & Shows

Glee The Music, Volume 3 Showstoppers is exactly what you'd expect (although, by my math, this is the fourth Glee Cast release,f you count The Magic of Madonna, and most of us do). Here are largely exuberant choral arrangements of trawl through some of popular music's bigger moment, from Sinatra ("Lady is a Tramp") to Gaga ("Bad Romance") through an aerobicized rendition of Men Without Hats previously inimitable "Safety Dance".


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Released - Tuesday, May 18 , 2010
  1. Hello, Goodbye
  2. Gives You Hell
  3. Hello
  4. One Less Bell To Answer / A House Is Not A Home
  5. Beautiful
  6. Physical
  7. Total Eclipse of the Heart
  8. Lady Is A Tramp
  9. One
  10. Dream On
  11. Safety Dance
  12. I Dreamed a Dream
  13. Give Up the Funk
  14. Bad Romance