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Giant Giant Sand - "Tucson" Pop

Just when you thought Giant Sand couldn't get any bigger, Howe Gelb has done just that by regrouping, expanding and magnifying his vision with the newest version of past ensembles, calling it (appropriately enough) GIANT GIANT SAND. As a sort of homage, he's named the album Tucson after the town he's called home for forty years. This self-described country rock opera by one of music's leading risk-takers, is set to be released on June 12th on Fire Records.

Taking place in the town of Tucson, the story revolves around a "semi grizzled man with overt boyish naivete'' who sets off to escape his hometown and embarks on a life-changing road trip; eschewing all his worldly goods and leaving his girlfriend, encountering jail at the Mexican border, finding love at a train station saloon and fearing the end of the world. The album is a dusty work of art, conjuring images of the desert, rivers, and a cactus-strewn landscape.


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Released - Tuesday, June 12 , 2012

1. Wind Blown Waltz
2. Forever and a Day
3. Detained
4. Lost Love
5. Plane of Existence
6. Undiscovered Country
7. Love Comes Over You
8. Thing Like That
9. The Sun Belongs To You
10. We Don't Play Tonight
11. Ready or Not
12. Mostly Wrong
13. Hard Morning In a Soft Blur
14. Recovery Mission
15. Slag Heap
16. Not the End of the World
17. Caranito
18. Out of the Blue
19. New River