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Gang of Four - Content Rock

 Gang of Four are the definitive post-punk band. Their distinctive sound is why so many of today's indie-bands have "angular" guitars. Their seminal records are, well, seminal.

Original songwriters Andy Gill and Jon King have a new rhythm section and their first album of new songs since Shrinkwrapped in 1995. Content is that album, and it's already garnering a whole load of good press. Gang of Four (version 2.0) are so confident of Content that  the band released a three track EP for free download, of songs that hadn't made the cut for the album. It's a really good EP.

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Released - Tuesday, January 25 , 2011


  • 1. She Said You Made a Thing of Me
  • 2. You Don't Have to Be Mad
  • 3. Who Am I?
  • 4. I Can't Forget Your Lonely Face
  • 5. You'll Never Pay for the Farm
  • 6. I Party All the Time
  • 7. A Fruit Fly in the Beehive
  • 8. It Was Never Going to Turn Out Too Good
  • 9. Do as I Say
  • 10. I Can See from Far Away
  • 11. Second Life