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Todd Rundgren - For Lack of Honest Work Pop

It's been a long slog since "Open My Eyes" came out in 1968, but wizard and true star Todd Rundgren has recently been touring extensively, and For Lack of Honest Work is the result. Although he's best known for being the man Liv Tyler thought of as "dad', Rundgren has for a long time (since his late '60s post-mod band Nazz) been one of the most influential songwriters and performers around. For Lack of Honest Work is a three CD bonanza of recent, live recordings — Rundgren's first ever "official bootleg", whatever that means. What it does mean is an extensive trawl through this very diverse artist's catalog of psych-pop, rock, hippie ramblings, prog-rock, electronica, soundtracks, and so on. An absolute must for Todd Heads, this is probably best left in favor of one of the many Todd or Nazz best ofs, or a copy of A Wizard, A True Star.


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Released - Tuesday, August 24 , 2010
Disc: 1
1. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
2. Broke Down And Busted
3. Be Nice To Me
4. Utopia Theme
5. Black Maria
6. Open My Eyes
7. Freedom Fighter
8. The Wheel
9. When The Shit Hits The Fan - Sunset Blvd - Le Feel Internacionale
10. Real Man
11. Eastern Intrigue
12. Black And White
13. Hello It's Me
Disc: 2
1. The Seven Rays
2. Never, Never Land
3. Mister Triscuits
4. Last Ride
5. Lord Chancellor s Nightmare Song
6. Healer
7. Love Is The Answer
8. I Saw The Light
9. Bag Lady
10. Too Far Gone
11. A Dream Goes On Forever
12. Born To Synthesize
13. Johnee Jingo
14. Hodja
15. Honest Work
Disc: 3
1. Can We Still Be Friends
2. Cliche
3. What s Going On Mercy Mercy Me
4. Bang On The Drum
5. Love Of The Common Man
6. Lysistrata
7. Hammer In Your Heart
8. Song Of The Viking
9. Free, Male And 21
10. Tiny Demons
11. The Want Of A Nail
12. I Hate My Frickin ISP
13. Fascist Christ
14. World Wide Ephiphany
15. One World