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Flyleaf - Memento Mori

Memento Mori, the highly anticipated follow up to Flyleaf's platinum selling, self-titled debut album.

Flyleaf bleed, grow, love and live on MEMENTO MORI. The Texas quintet's latest offering is a collection of poignant, passionate and pensive hard rock songs. From the kinetic first single, "Again," to the touching album closer, "Arise," guitarists Sameer Bhattacharya and Jared Hartman trade orchestral riffs that seesaw from soaring to searing. Drummer James Culpepper smoothly propels every groove forward, while Pat Seals' bass anchors unforgettable hooks. Gliding across this majestic melodic backdrop, Lacey's vocals build into beauty from pain. Her voice reaches transcendent heights on songs like "Set Apart This Dream" and "Missing." Flyleaf's flame keeps rising.


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Released - Thursday, October 29 , 2009
1. Beautiful Bride
2. Again
3. Chasm
4. Missing
5. This Close
6. The Kind
7. In The Dark
8. Set Apart This Dream
9. Swept Away
10. Tiny Heart
11. Melting (interlude)
12. Treasure
13. Circle
14. Arise