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Fitz and The Tantrums - "More Than Just A Dream" Pop

Now, with their spectacular Elektra Records debut, More Than Just A Dream, the Los Angeles-based sextet have ramped up the timeless songcraft and soul sonic force that made them a worldwide sensation to fashion a kaleidoscopic milestone that delivers on the promise of their 2010 breakthrough, Pickin' Up The Pieces.

Songs like the impossibly catchy first single, "Out Of My League" are positively brazen with verve and vivacity, demonstrating all the drama and passion of the band's famed live shows. From the charged back-and-forth between co-lead vocalists Fitz and Noelle Scaggs to the incontrovertible power of The Tantrums in full flight, More Than Just A Dream is the sound of a great band taking it right to the edge.


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Released - Tuesday, May 7 , 2013

1. Out Of My League
2. Break The Walls
3. The Walker
4. Spark
5. 6am
6. Fools Gold
7. Keepin Our Eyes Out
8. Last Raindrop
9. House On Fire
10. The End
11. Get Away
12. MerryGoRound