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Ezra Furman - "The Year of No Returning" Pop

The first time on CD for Ezra Furman's self released The Year of No Returning. He swears it is not meant for entertainment but he doesn't mind if listeners find pleasure in the grooves. This cycle of ten songs designated for the months of the year (Jan and Feb. are missing) aim for the self-professed "lofty goal of real protest." Ezra Furman is a young singer-song writer with a punky spirit who is not afraid to cram a lot of words in among the hooks and jabs. While taking one for Team Earth he is determined to remain standing in the ring at the center microphone bloody but unbowed.

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Released - Tuesday, July 16 , 2013

1. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
2. American Soil
3. Lay In the Sun
4. Sinking Slow
5. That's When It Hit Me
6. Down
7. Cruel Cruel World
8. Are You Gonna Break
9. My Heart?
10. Bad Man
11. The Queen of Hearts
12. 40 Days In Kansas
13. Doomed Love Affair