Exene Cervenka - The Excitement of Maybe

 Exene Cervenka has an extensive discography behind her as (variously) a solo artist, a member of Original Sinners, in partnership with Lydia Lunch and (most famously) as co-leader of the seminal Los Angeles punk band X. Now in her mid-fifties and dealing with a recent diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis, Cervenka is still pushing boundaries as a poet, writer, performance artist and, of course, singer.

The Excitement of Maybe deals with the uncertainties and potential of love.

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Released - Tuesday, March 8 , 2011


1. Already In Love
2. Brand New Memory
3. Alone In Arizona
4. Falling
5. I Wish It Would Stop Raining
6. Turning With the World
7. Dirty Snow
8. Beyond You
9. Someday I'll Forget
10. Half Past Forever
11. I'll Admit It Now
12. Love and Haight