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Everest - "Ownerless" Rock

2012 album from the L.A. rockers. Described by Everest guitarist Joel Graves as a "hopeful love letter slipped under the door," the album expands on the broad rock 'n' roll direction the band undertook with its 2008 album, On Approach. The basic tracks on Ownerless were initially recorded live, in a smoky clubhouse next door to a chicken coop, in Cottage Grove, OR. In an effort to raise the bar above initial expectations, the band also recorded a few songs with the help of Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Booker T. Jones), with whom the band had worked on On Approach.


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Released - Tuesday, June 26 , 2012

1. Into the Grey
2. Give a Little
3. Raking Me Over the Coals
4. Never Disappoint
5. Hungry Ghost
6. Letter
7. Games
8. Far Off, Away
9. Hologram
10. Ownerless